Coffee with Coaches – Answering questions, giving out technical tips, and maybe even a dad joke or two.

Coffee with Coaches starts Saturday at Sacris CrossFit in Northglenn, CO!   Free CrossFit and weightlifting technical tips, dad jokes.. what more could you ask for?  Oh, and you don’t even have to leave the house!

Find Coffee with Coaches on Facebook on Saturdays for the latest on all things fitness, nutrition, and life. We will live stream some days, some days will be a pre-recorded video.

We will take questions for that week through Wednesday evening.  Any questions submitted after Wednesday might have to wait for the following week.

How do you submit a question? You pick:

  • Comment below
  • Send us a Facebook Message
  • Write on our wall
  • DM us on Instagram

We will share your questions with the coaches!  The first person to send in a question that gets answered during Coffee with Coaches will get a $10 coffee gift card!

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