What is the one thing you can never get back? It certainly isn’t that chocolate cake you just devoured. (Hmm.. maybe that was me) The correct answer is TIME! There is always something you won’t have time to do, and you will always want more of it. That is where we come in!

Low Cost Gym – Tons of equipment 24/7 access. Easy right? Well, until you walk in the door. You stand around for 10 minutes, everyone is staring at you, you have no idea how to use these machines OR what to do with them for that matter. You might even injure yourself and be unable to workout (or whatever it is you just did) the next day. Well, you learned your lesson so you go home and you start googling workouts. You have only about 4 billion options and 4 billion people telling you polar opposite things to do. What do you do Monday and for how long. You are spending multiple hours a day trying to figure out how to get fit and you have no idea if it is working. Is that really a low cost gym? I don’t know about you, but my time is very valuable to me, and my spouse and my family. Every extra minute I spend that is not needed at the gym, is definitely needed somewhere else.

Sacris CrossFit – We are not the lowest cost gym. We have excellent coaches that are worth every penny. You come here, you walk in, the coach tells you what to do every step of the way. The Coach gets you in and out and you will feel like your body hasn’t felt in years. We put you through private sessions at first so you know what you are doing and you are comfortable once you are put into a group class. Once you are ready for that you will start to build your community here. There are no headphones in CrossFit! There is fitness, health, safety in movements and great people to encourage you and motivate you along the way. What brings you back here every day? Results, accountability, community, saved time. Come check us out!