CrossFit for All Ages and Abilities

Sacris CrossFit in Northglenn, CO is for all ages and abilities.  That is not a tag line because it gets new people in the door.  It is true.  Coach Patrick is here to help everyone achieve their goals.  Weight loss, muscle gain, lifestyle changes, getting off those medications, or just living a longer life with your family.  Sacris CrossFit is the place to be for people who will encourage you to succeed and give you the accountability you need!  If we could do it on our own, we would have done it already.  Come and see

CrossFit Saves You Money

What saves you money by joining Sacris CrossFit vs the “Low Cost Gym” down the street? Some are under $20 per month and have tons of equipment after all and 24/7 access. Easy right? Well, it is easy for them to have your electronic withdrawal coming out every month and not being used by you.  When is the last time you didn’t show up and they called you?  When is the last time you walked in and they had a pre-programmed workout for you, that was changed to fit your needs, your limitations based on your body?  That makes room for thousands of others to do the same thing, pay and not use.  It might by $20 a month but you won’t use it consistently and if you do you won’t get the results you want as fast as you want them without a dedicated coach who reviews your goals with you and puts you on a plan that works for YOU.  And most times you won’t cancel it because you forget it’s coming out of your account in the first place or you’ve committed to a year of repeating this same cycle. 

Coaching Saves You Time

Why do we do that? Why do we quit those types of gyms?  It is easy to see if you pay attention and think about what is happening as soon as you walk in the door of those gyms. You stand around for 10 minutes, everyone is staring at you, you have no idea how to use those machines OR what to do with them for that matter. You might even injure yourself and be unable to workout the next day. Well, you learned your lesson about not going in with a plan, so you go home and you start googling workouts. You have only about 4 billion options and 4 billion people telling you polar opposite things to do. What do you do Monday and for how long. You are spending multiple hours a day trying to figure out how to get fit and you have no idea if it is working. Is that really saving you time or money? I don’t know about you, but my time is very valuable to me, and my spouse and my family. Every extra minute I spend that is not needed at the gym, is definitely needed somewhere else.

See Your Results with Coaching

Sacris CrossFit has excellent coaches that are worth every penny. We sit down with you for a “No Sweat Intro” (NSI) and we discuss what YOU need from us.  There is no cookie cutter answer because every person is different.  How could you possibly provide the same answer to each person and expect them to achieve their goals.  When everyone’s goals are different.  After we understand your goals, we give you a plan to follow for 90 days.  We check in with you along the way to be sure the plan is working for YOU.  See our blog for our latest publications!

Private Training to keep you on track

You start off with 5 private training sessions so you and the coach can get to know each other.  How does your body move, limitations, strengths, weaknesses, how do you take queues, do you like to be pushed beyond limits, do you like to have soft encouragement, do you like to be center of attention, or do you prefer no one know you exist during the workout?  The coach will make sure you know what to do every step of the way. (And if you don’t show up, someone will be looking for you. ) The Coach gets you in and out and you will feel like your body hasn’t felt in years. You will start to build your community here. There are no headphones in CrossFit! There is fitness, health, safety in movements and great people to encourage you and motivate you along the way. What brings you back here every day? Results, accountability, community, saved time. Come check us out!